Would you like to be part of royalty?

Mixing E-liquids since 2018

Do you want to feel part of the Royalty?
7 E-liquids from unique mixtures that will make you feel part of Royalty.

¡Try them!

Premiums E-liquids

We have 7 magnificent flavors. Inhale one flavor, exhale something completely different.
Give your taste buds an experience like no other.

Our blends are of the best quality in the market.

Best Quality in Flavorings.

We use the best flavor concentrate manufactured in the United States.

Best Quality in Glycerin USP.

We use USP Glycerin manufactured in the United States

Best Quality in Nicotine.

We use 100% VG Nicotine manufactured in the United States

In addition, our laboratory has compliance with health regulations, always offering a product suitable for human consumption

Our flavors are Chemical-free so they won’t harm your health.

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